The Canadian Brands That Made it Into Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh Gift Box

Exactly one month ago today Kourtney Kardashian began teasing her latest venture, Poosh, via Instagram with a brand new account and a couple of confusing photos. It’s safe to say the world was confused. What was Poosh? A shampoo for dogs? The name of an upscale brunch spot? The mysterious feed, which included pics of everything from pancakes to nudes, wasn’t giving many hints. However, after weeks of speculation it’s now been revealed that Poosh is, in fact, a lifestyle website, covering subjects that range from skincare to interior design.

Of course, there were immediate comparisons to Goop, a website/wellness bible created by fellow A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow and the resemblance is definitely there. But as ‘Girls Night In’s’ become the new ‘Girls Night Out’s’ and mirror selfies are being traded in for skincare shelfies on Instagram, I think the eldest Kardashian sister is playing smart. (Think Kylie Cosmetics and the simultaneous liquid lip craze of 2015.)

Poosh is already rife with articles giving tips on how to lead a more mindful life, DIY your own lip scrubs and look better naked–luxe body creams and good lighting apparently–but what really caught my eye was the string of celebs that were posting about their newly received Poosh-approved gift boxes. The Kardashian/Jenners happily socialed their new bundles yesterday, along with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Jen Atkin.

Immediately I noticed that buried within this Kardashian version of a FabFitFun box, two Canadian brands had made the cut. Check out some info on the pair of locals below.

Cardea AuSet

First up we have Cardea AuSet, a beauty and wellness brand developed here in Ontario. The company, whose name is a combination of two ancient Goddesses, is focused around creating products that are as natural as possible and that celebrate Canadian ingredients and suppliers. With Kourtney Kardashian’s vocal support of clean beauty, we’re not surprised of their inclusion in the bundle.

The product chosen was Cardea AuSet’s NOIRE Charcoal Mask, a detoxifying treatment that combines mineral-rich clay and activated charcoal powder. It’s actually meant to be combined with liquids like water, honey or green tea and can be customized further by adding essential oils. After watching Kourtney’s recent ‘Get Ready With Me‘ with Vogue, I’m guessing she opts for honey.

I’ve been a fan of this Canadian brand for almost a year now, discovering them first while working at FASHION Magazine. Favourites for me include their range of facial oils and their beyond beautiful mineral soaks for bathing.

With just under 3,000 followers on Instagram, they’re still relatively small in comparison to other big names in the box–Good American, for example, has over 1.2 million–but we’re happy that Kourtney knew about this Canadian gem and hopefully, Cardea AuSet will get more of the exposure they deserve.

Saje Natural Wellness

Saje has been a popular brand up North for a while now with stores in eight provinces across Canada and a handful of brick and mortars on opposite coasts of the U.S.

Based out of Britsh Colombia, the founders behind Saje are masters when it comes to creating essential oil blends and they sell a number of chic diffusers to be used alongside them. Both of these items made it into Poosh’s gift boxes.

One product was the brand’s Brainstorm Diffuser Blend Collection which includes four different oils named energy, exhale, quick study and refresh. Refresh is a favourite of mine and one I often use in my apartment. Each person was also gifted their own Aroma Om Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Diffusers and essential oils have definitely picked up in popularity in recent years leading to many inexpensive options that just aren’t the best quality. I can say from personal experience that Saje’s products are well worth their price and it’s nice to see Kourtney bringing attention to a Canadian brand that has such great quality.

Some of my other favourites from Saje include their Pocket Farmacy set which I consider to be a travel essential. It’s a zip-up pouch that you can easily throw in your handbag and includes small rollerballs filled with essential oils that cure everything from headaches to that super full feeling you get after eating too much at dinner (guilty).

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