Mejuri Debuts Their First Engagement Ring Collection

Just as the process of saying “yes to the dress” can be overwhelming, picking out the right engagement ring can be a tough decision. Especially when you consider that you’ll be wearing it every day, unlike the dress which is (usually) a one-day-only affair.

Because of their short-term wear, it’s easy to go with a unique option for a dress. However, people tend to be warier when it comes to choosing a unique setting or stone for an engagement ring–it has to go with everything!

With that said, I’ve always gravitated to the unique options, preferring atypical styles that stand out from the norm. That’s why I was excited to see that Mejuri, the popular Canadian jewelry company, was debuting a collection of engagement rings that were different from the usual options on the market.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 4.46.42 PM

The price also differentiates them, with everything in the collection between $195-$2000. “To make our engagement rings accessible, we’ve built relationships with the best manufacturers and will sell directly to you,” the company said in a press release.

Mejuri prides itself on cutting out the middleman and avoiding the vast mark-ups that typically occur with most jewelry brands–some of which escalate the price up to ten times higher than the actual cost.

And although most jewelry is traditionally purchased by men, 87% of Mejuri’s customers are women and the company is proud of that. They want women to get involved in picking out the perfect ring. In fact, you can book private ring sessions to figure out exactly what’s right for you.

Mejuri allows for accessible luxury, using expert jewelers, high-quality materials, and certified gemstones to give you authentic engagement rings at a fair price. Below, I’ve selected my favourite picks from their first wedding collection. Keep in mind that many of the pieces can be stacked, as seen in a few of the images above! The rings launched yesterday, so head to Mejuri’s site if you want to check out the full collection.

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