These Wristbands Will Help Ensure You Get a Safe Amount of Sun

At this point, we know just how much damage the sun can do and hopefully, you’re someone who now steers clear of tanning beds and full days of laying out in the sun.

But despite the precautions we take to protect ourselves from UV rays, they’re also an important part of keeping us in good health. In fact, for people like Dr. Vipul Bansal, the sun is absolutely essential when it comes to everyday life. Bansal was born with a vitamin D deficiency and after being diagnosed with diabetes, became even more aware of how that deficiency could affect his life.

His answer at first was to take supplements, but they didn’t exactly work, so Bansal turned to the natural solution–sunlight. But obviously, the longer he spent in the sun, the greater the risk was that he could develop skin cancer.

So Bansal’s question was… how could he find that perfect balance? And how would he be able to measure it?


He decided he needed to create some sort of UV detector and the project came together in the form of a wristband. The concept is pretty simple: a wristband made from paper or plastic that is coated in UV-sensitive ink. The ink, which is invisible at first, gradually appears on the band in accordance with how long you’ve been out in the sun.

The wristbands are broken up into four sections and the ink in each section has been crafted to turn blue at different points of exposure. The first will change colour when the wearer has reached 25 percent of their recommended daily UV exposure, the second will turn blue at 50 percent, the third at 75 percent and the last at 100 percent.

Varied skin tones will react differently when it comes to light exposure–darker skin tones tend to do better when it comes to handling UV rays–and so Bansal created wristbands for six different skin types.

The product is set to launch in 2020 and given the inexpensive materials from which it’s made, should provide us with a relatively cheap way to manage our time in the sun!


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